About Us

Our journey began in 1991...


Pekoe Tips Tea was established to retail exquisite Indian tea gifts to travellers visiting India from all over the world. From our first store in Delhi, we went on to open outlets in Goa and Mumbai selling Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri Teas. We also blended teas with spices to create signature blends. Due to increased demand, we added Indian coffee, spices and ayurvedic products to our range.


It was time to bring the finest Indian teas to all tea lovers at their doorstep. What followed was a decision to create Getmytea – offering an uncomplicated purchase of quality teas and wellness blends in varieties that are easy to understand.  While we take care of the special selections, we want you to take a moment to enjoy this tea experience and sip garden fresh premium quality teas directly from our estates– another reason to yearn for the next cup of tea.

Our mission

We believe in direct trade, and in sourcing the most incredible teas directly from the growers’ estates. We therefore make efforts to support local tea planters through increased investment and personalised trade. Year after year, we find rare and exquisite teas that never fail to bring a smile to the faces of those who grow them, and those who savour them alike.

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